Depth image


47 x 22 ea. (Triptych)

Raw silk, cotton, organza. Shibori (pole wrapped), marbled. Acrylic resist, hand dyed.


Lapse image


23 x 73

Cotton, wax and acrylic resist, discharge marbled.


Changes image


43 x 22 ea. (diptych)

Cotton, organza. Wax and acrylic resist, discharge, marbling.


Hidden Order image

Hidden Order

0 x 47 ea. (triptych)

Cotton, organza. Wax, acrylic resist. Hand dyed, marbling, discharge.


Balance image


47 x 24

Silk, cotton, organza, marbled, acrylics, folded.


Pesce di Mare


19 x 47

Acrylic on canvas, cotton, marbled, wax resist.


Grass Creek image

Grass Creek

55 x 25 ea. (triptych)

Cotton, organza. Wax and acrylic resist. Discharged, hand dyed, marbled.


Return to Earth image

Return to Earth

44 x 20 ea. (triptych)

Cotton, canvas. Wax resist. Discharged, marbling.


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